What does ÁRBOLES stands for?
Ássessing Risk of Breast Cancer through Outreach to Latinas with Education and Support
Where is the in-person training taking place at?
This year, the in-person training will take place in Washington DC. However, training locations may vary (Please make sure to check our webpage or contact us for location updates)
Do I have to pay for travel and accommodation for the in-person training?
Our program will cover travel and accommodation expenses for the in-person training
How long is the overall training?
The overall training is 4 months long. We will also do a 6 month and a 12 month follow up survey after the training
How can I refer someone to ÁRBOLES?
Please go to the Contact Us section in our website and provide us with the contact information of the person you are referring along with a brief summary of why you think he/she will be a good candidate for our training
How long are the online sessions?
Each online session last approximately one hour
Do I have to pay anything, if I decide to participate in the training?
No, our training is free