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Welcome to the ÁRBOLES Familiares Virtual Training Course!

This training will take place from March 21st – June 24th, 2022.  You will be expected to spend approximately 1-2 hours every every week on the course:

  • About 60-90 minutes for live Zoom sessions
  • 30-45 minutes for live Q&A sessions
  • About 5-10 minutes completing the session evaluation
  • About 30-45 minutes watching lecture videos for session 1, 2, 4, and 6
  • About 1-2 hours over the course of 16 weeks to prepare for and create the project assignments

Please note, due dates are subject to change.

Course Materials

Please do not hesitate to contact an ÁRBOLES  team member if you have any problems at:

Or via our WhatsApp Group Chat

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